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Hello and welcome to the Slim Pickins Web Site.

For those that are new to the band, Slim Pickins are based in Alvechurch, South Birmingham, playing a mixture if roots, blues and folk, as well as hosting their own Root 'n' Blues Club night on the last Friday of each month. Feel free to have a wander around the site, we have a growing selection of gig photos, lyrics and reviews. If you haven't seen the band before, hopefully you'll be entertained enough to come down to one of our gigs, or maybe order one of our albums.

The band's current album SCENES FROM A CROWDED BAR is now available. See Releases for more details.

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Slim Pickins' Latest News

New For 2010

The band came back after a fews recouperation, with a storming gig in April, with several friends and guests putting a great night. May's gig looks to be every bit as special.

Expect some photos from last month's gig and hopefully this months gig to appear soon. We also managed to record some of the songs on video, so all being well we may get one or two of them online in the coming months. We have a backlog of photos to get through from last year, so check back soon for more updates.

May's gig will be this Friday, May 28th, see you there.

April Gig Cancelled

Unfortunately, the rescheduled April gig, which was due to take place on Friday 1st May 2009, has also had to be cancelled. Apologises for the late announcement, but rest assured the band are looking forward to the May gig on Friday 29th May 2009. We hope to see you there.

Photo Gallery Update

This weekend I've gone though 8 lots of photos from the last few years, that've taken while at the Roots 'n' Blues Club. Unfortunately one was taken with my camera phone, which although useful for recording for posterity, isn't the best quality. There is a good selection of line ups too from more recent gigs, and hopefully we'll be seeing some of them returning again this year. There are even more photos waiting to be uploaded, from others who have very graciously given me CDs of photos to upload. So expect more updates in the coming months. In the meantime, check out the latest photos from the menu on the right.

May Gig Cancelled

Unfortunately due to other commitments, the Roots 'n' Blues Club gig has been cancelled for May 30th. The band did try and see whether they could arrange anything for the week before, but alas it was a bit short notice. So the next gig will now be Friday June 27th.

Guestbook back online

Behind the scenes, the site has had a major update. Part of that was to overhaul the Guestbook, which was suffering from the spammers, trying to advertise their junk. As such, now you may experience a delay of your message appearing on the site, as we educate the system as who is allowed to post.

We have a backlog of photos from the last 18 months, which we're now preparing to upload, so expect some further updates soon.

The band are currently preparing to record a new album, so stay tuned for more news on that. No title as yet, but lots of great tunes, many of which they've been playing at the Root 'n' Blues Club for the past year.

Slim Pickins Online

If you're looking for the very best in folk, blues and roots music, look no further than Slim Pickins. Straight out of Alvechurch, in the heart of England, a British band at the forefront of the blossoming folk scene in the West Midlands. Promoting themselves and other singer / songwriters in the local area.

Comments for Slim Pickins

If you have any comments regarding the site or wish to put questions to Slim Pickins themselves, please let us know. You can either email us at, or add an entry into our guest book.

Check back soon for more news as it happens. Thanks for stopping by.